Selecting Consultants 

Mr. Grant has no affiliation with any specific consultants, property management companies, brokerage, accounting firms or other service provider and is free to recommend and or retain the best service provider for the assets included in the receivership, subject to the appropriate court approvals. This selection will vary with the assets type, location, size and or complexity. Having previously run his own business, completed assignments in five states, run his own property management and construction companies, worked for publicly traded NYSE companies, he is very perceptive in matching the right consultant or service provider for the job. Many times, the asset can benefit by keeping the current professionals in place as they are now reporting to the receiver. By working together with all the parties subject to the court order, a team is selected that is appropriate for the asset’s size, type and location, and the order issued by the court.


Timely, precise and open communication is the key to a successful receivership. Being willing to listen and understand the issues are the essence to identifying the challenges identified in the appointing court order and resolving them.


  1. Listen, learn and build consensus.
  2. Always do the right thing.
  3. Communicate and ask questions.
  4. Meet problems head on and inform the involved parties.
  5. Attentive to details.
  6. Two minds are better than one. Ask for input.
  7. You never know enough, always be in a learning mode.
  8. Research, ask questions and then plan. Execute the plan.
  9. Know the numbers.
  10. Communicate your expectations and request and expect feedback.